I never had any other desire so strong, and so like to covetouseness, as that one which I have had always, that I might be master at last of a small house and a large garden.
- Abraham Cowley, "The Garden" (1666)

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Merry Christmas to all

This year has been interesting, with selling our house, and moving to a new neighbourhood.
Changes can be challenging, but as long as we are together we keep on truckin'. The tree is up and we managed to make it fit into our little living room. The cats are interested and have been digging into the parcels under it...
The girl has been playing lovely Carols on the piano - filling the house with its magical sounds... And we managed to squeeze this big beastie into our little living room too.
I managed to borrow a few more hours lately to paint a picture or two as well. Always seem to want to add a kitty to the paintings. Love me my cats....
Wishing you a magical, merry Christmas...see you in 2015.